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roof vacuum stone / gravel removal

If you are tearing off a roof, planning on a re-roof or any type of roofing construction that requires the removal of stones, gravel, pea-grave, rocks, etc. we can provide this service for your job or even sublet out for you as a company roofer.

Roof Replacement

As the building’s protection against the elements, the roof is not only the most vulnerable part of the structure, but its integrity is essential, as it ensures the contents of the building against weather damage. When it is time to re-roof, Armor Shield Roofing provides you with the best options for your facility and budget.

Evaluations / inspections

In the interests of your roof’s long-term endurance, we establish a program of regular inspection and maintenance that includes assessments of structural condition, core sample gathering, photographs and detailed documentation.

Services Overview

our family owned business has over 30 years of experience combined in roofing and construction

We follow the OSHA safety guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

We specialize in commercial, industrial and residential roofing, sheet metal and tuck-pointing.

Armor Shield Construction has crews out all over the Chicago area and suburbs.



A maintenance program is proactive rather than reactive. It can often identify problems at their early stages, while they can be corrected. If you are not installing a new roof system, then you should be maintaining and repairing the existing one, or planning for its inevitable replacement.

Armor Shield's commitment to service and maintenance means a longer lasting investment for you and your company whether it is a new roof or other construction.

With the wide variety of shingles, styles, colors, and warranties available, anyone can get confused. Armor Shield Roofing will help you select the look you want from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Featured Services

Roof Maintenance

The roof is often the largest single depreciating element in a commercial building, and should be expected to need replacement at least once in the life of the building. That is why Armor Shield has a comprehensive maintenance and restoration program.

Too often, roofing problems are noticeable only after considerable damage has been done to the roof system, your facility and even your equipment. Why wait that long, roof repair is critical to the maintenance of your property.

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Custom Designs

Using information from a roof site evaluation, we can present various systems that can be used with corresponding budgets, to arrive at the desired cost effective solution. This would include information regarding slope, insulation, ventilation, and drainage.

The roofing industry is constantly changing and with our roof division at Armor Shield, we are dedicated to staying on top of rules and regulations with materials and installations.

We provide outstanding, customized specifications to fit each specific need. Armor Shield Roofing custom design systems help correct recurrent, costly and annoying roof problems to ensure a longer life for your new roof.

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Roof Repairs

Extensive roof repairs are designed to further the life expectancy of your roof. We have highly trained roof technicians that are well versed in all types of roofing systems. We are also expert s at repairing and installing architectural sheet metal, commercial and industrial painting, caulking and tuck-pointing.



Excavating can be a tedious job depending on the large scope of work involved, we can plan and review any blueprints, drawings, layouts, etc. Then with heavy equipment, help excavate any site and ensure safety, cost and accuracy are tools used for the excavation.