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A Few Words About Us

The commitment

Our clients benefit from Armor Shield Construction's commitment to the highest standards of ethical business standards and professionalism on and off the job site. Our philosophy is simple: make decisions effectively, on the basis of the client’s best interests, and abide by the principles of honor, fair practice and courtesy.

Let our team of professionals help you with any construction work you might have.  After working with Armor Shield Construction you will have a company that you you can trust for your tuck-pointing, roofing, masonry and other construction needs.

As always, material is just part of the equation. With our professional installation and quality workmanship, you will have a trouble free job second to none.

While we're extremely proud of the work that we've done over the last two decades, we always are just as enthusiastic and excited about the work that our company currently is undertaking. We feel that you are only as good as your most recent accomplishments.

Armor Shield Safe Roofing

Our crews number one goal is safety. For both themselves and our customers.
Safe Roofing

From historical metal roofing to ornate copper finials, cornices and more, our craftsman are able to manufacture a wide variety of ornamental and decorative elements that will help make your historical restoration project a success.

crew Foreman: Oscar Marroquin has 25 years of construction & roofing experience

Oscar Marroquin

Oscar has managed roofing projects from 1,000 sq. ft. to 350,000 sq. ft. Aside from being our most qualified, respected and professional employee, Oscar is known for his friendly and energetic disposition when dealing with people, especially our customers.


Fleeceback Roof

"At American Technologies we are proud to say that Armor Shield is our roofer of choice. But in the restoration industry we need more than a roofer. Armor Shield has worked hand in hand with ATI on large industrial disasters.

From providing cranes, men and expertise at 2am and than estimating and completing a 300,000 sq. ft. fully adhered EPDM  roof repair in record time, it's no wonder why they are the first ones we call."

John Lipke, Operations Manager

American Technologies, Inc.

"It was a pleasure to work with a roofing contractor of your integrity and knowledge of the roofing industry.."

Bismark Brackett, Urban Development

"Over the years it has been a pleasure dealing with Mr. Giordano and the people of Armor Shield. His company’s honesty and integrity, along with its high quality workmanship, speaks highly of his commitment to each and every customer.."

D&P Construction Co, Inc

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Armor Shield Construction

armor shield construction

Our mission is to provide unequaled roofing sheet-metal and maintenance services through:

Satisfying customer needs through teamwork, innovation and commitment to quality at every level.

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment.
Grow around our founding principles of integrity, fairness, and total commitment to clients.

Pursuing opportunities for corporate and personal growth for all of our employees.

Providing insightful industry leadership continually focused on the future.