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Modified Bitumen Roofs

Armor Shield roofing

Armor Shield Construction installs only the top manufacturing roofing materials avaliable on the market today including modified bitumen from GAF, Johnson Manville and other major roof products manufacturers.

Modified bitumen matierials are torched down roofs which require very hot flames to melt the adhesive backing to a certain temperature.

This allows the surface of the roof to be impenetrable by water or ice due to the thickness and density of the adhesion underneath the modified roofing material.

We use fire extinguishers and other safety measures at all our job sites, hands down safety is the number one priority at Armor Shield Construction.

While we're extremely proud of the work that we've done over the last two decades, we always are just as enthusiastic and excited about the work that our company currently is undertaking. We feel that you are only as good as your most recent accomplishments.

Armor Shield Roofers

Our crews number one goal is safety. For both themselves and our customers.

Modified Shingle Roof

Hip & Ridge are done with shingle at a Walgreen's location, which join a white modified roof.

white granulated modified bitumen roofing materiaL & a perfect roof matters !

Oscar Marroquin

White Modified.


Fleeceback Roof





Armor Shield Construction

armor shield construction

Our mission is to provide unequaled roofing sheet-metal and maintenance services through:

Satisfying customer needs through teamwork, innovation and commitment to quality at every level.

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment.
Grow around our founding principles of integrity, fairness, and total commitment to clients.

Pursuing opportunities for corporate and personal growth for all of our employees.

Providing insightful industry leadership continually focused on the future.